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With most Driving Schools, your instructor will pick you up an hour before the test. This will give opportunity to practice each of the manoeuvres and have a short drive before the test. You will then go to the test centre with your instructor and wait in the waiting room. There will probably be other people waiting at the same time as you. At the appropriate time the examiners will come into the waiting room. When one of them calls your name stand up and go over to where they are. They will ask to see your licence (both parts) and Theory test certificate which they will examine. If you have an old style paper licence they will ask to see your passport as well. They will ask you to sign a residency and insurance declaration on their form to say that you still are at the same address and the car is insured for the test. They will then tell you to lead the way to your vehicle. on the way they will conduct the eyesight test.

On arriving at the vehicle they will ask the two "show me / tell me" questions. They will then instruct you to follow the road ahead unless they tell you to turn or the roadsigns tell you to. The test last approximately 37 minutes and will include two manouevres and possibly an emergency stop. At the end of the test they will tell you if you have passed. To pass your test, you may not make more than 15 driving errors (commonly called minor mistakes) and you may not make any serious faults (commomly called major errors). If you have not passed, the examiner will explain what went wrong. They may ask if you want your instructor to listen in. They will then give you a copy of the Driving Test Report.

Things to remember on the test!

Relax, take your time, don't rush.
Make plenty of use of your mirrors, check your blind spot each time you pull away and do plenty of observation during the manoeuvres, especially out the back window.

If something goes wrong, do your best to put it right - calmly without panicing

With the Reverse Park in the road, stop within two car lengths. With the Reverse around the Corner keep going till the Examiner says stop. With the Turn in the Road, don't beckon other traffic through, continue along the road when you have completed the manoeuvre.

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