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5. On dual carriageways:
On dual carriageways you need to be very aware. Don't race, but don't be a slow coach or you will incur the wrath of other drivers!
This practical module takes place on two or three lane carriageways and includes

joining and leaving, including right turns from dual carriageways
effective observation
the use of mirrors
blind spots and scanning the road
judgement and planning
overtaking, and
lane discipline

6. On Motorways:
Motorways place greater demands on the driver's skills, observation, anticipation, planning and concentration.
This will be a practical session if there is a motorway nearby. If not, it will be covered in theory but you should plan to drive on a motorway as soon as possible after the course to gain experience.

The topics covered include
joining and leaving a motorway
planning a journey in advance
safe speeds in different circumstances
effective observation and anticipation
signs, signals and markings
lane discipline
courtesy to other road users
motorway fatigue - the importance of taking a break, and what to do if you breakdown

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