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Following the success of the American series "Pimp My Ride ", here are details of stuff to pimp your own car, together with details of what's legal and what's not

Number Plates
Personalised Number Plates can be seen on almost every street. From the obscure to the outrageous they're all there! They can be relatively cheap or very expensive. The right plate can also turn out to be an investment! However there are strict rules...


Windscreen Tinting

An effective and relatively cheap way to customize a car is to apply tint a tint to the windows. There are laws about how much light needs to be allowed through tinted windows...[more]

Ford Fiesta Pre-cut Window tint £49.99 (other makes models available)



Furry Dice

Back in fashion, the 70's icon the furry dice. Available from Amazon, Halfords and most accessory shops. Make sure they are not illegally obstructing your vision!!.



Furry seats, leopard skin patterns and particularly pink fur for the girlies who want to pink their ride!

Tax disc holders in pink, silver and most other colours. Failure to keep your tax up to date will result in an automatic fine.

Gearknobs available in metallic and natural wood.

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