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UK Car Scrappage Scheme Announced

£2000 off a new car

alAlastair Darling has announced in the 2009 Budget the long awaited car scrappage scheme. The fine print shows that the motor manufacturers have to stump up half the £2000 discount.

In reality this is good spin for all concerned. The Government gets to look good by helping out the car industry and yet only has to contribute £1,000. The motor industry can absorb the £1,000 by repackaging the discounts that are already available and the motorist should be able to get rock bottom prices for new cars.

Doubts about the green credentials of the scrappage scheme

etaThe Environmental Transport Association (ETA) suggest that while scrapping incentives are labelled 'green' because they can subsidise the purchase of fuel-efficient cars, they fail to take account of the amount of energy required to build a new car.

How to get your £2,000 scrappage voucher

scThe scheme is only open to the first 300,000 people and will expire in March 2010.

Cars will need to be 10 years old

The car will need to have been registered in the name of the person who gets the voucher for at least a year.

The car must have a current MoT





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